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Identifying Main Ideas & Supporting Details A good way to find the main idea is to: Read the passage from beginning to end and ask the question, “What’s the point?” Find the Thesis Statement in the first paragraph. Locate topic sentences in each paragraph and summarize them. (Remember, a topic sentence is a general statement that covers all the supporting details). Once you find the main ideas, then ask what…

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Write a Great THESIS STATEMENT [and a great essay]

The Thesis Statement tells the reader what the topic is, and then, gives direction as to what the writer will say about the topic. The topic can be a single word or a simple phrase, such as Mother Teresa, or Mother Teresa was a missionary nun. The topic is then followed by the controlling idea.

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Summary / Response

How to Write a Summary / Response A summary is a collection of main points and major supporting details of a reading passage. Your summary should: Arrange the main points in approximately the same order as they appeared in the original article. Make notable references to either the article or to the author.  Make sure your opinion is NOT expressed in the summary. A response is the reader’s evaluation of…

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Writer’s Block There are a number of reasons why writers experience Writer's Block from time to time. First, you may lose sight of their goal. Go back and review where you ultimately want to be. Next, you may feel somewhat anxious about the project. When you're anxious, it is difficult to focus on what you're doing. Try to break the project into smaller pieces, or…

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Problem-Solution Essay – Introduction

A Problem-Solution Essay discusses a problem, and then provides a plan for its solution. We use this essay to persuade others that we have a better idea, or a better plan for a particular problem or issue. Watch the video to find out more about writing an effective Introduction for a problem-solution essay.

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